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Create a network of security cameras on your computer




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Whether at home or at the office, security is important; but setting up a network of security cameras can be quite expensive if you have to buy costly equipment or hire an outside company to do it for you. A cheaper option is to buy your own cheap cameras and use free software to create your own system.

Xeoma is a security application that will help you configure a complete security network in a matter of minutes. You just need to add the different modules or cameras, as the program is compatible with just about any model, and assign it a task.

The software itself will help you convert any of your cameras into a motion detector, so you'll be abel to see the images transmitted from each camera live on your monitor, all in a classic security layout.

Use the system to watch over your house, your business, or even to leave your laptop running and make sure that no one tries to use it. If your security is breached, the application will alert you with an email or text message. Plus, you'll be able to remotely access the recordings using another computer with Xeoma installed on it.

In fact, you can access your system from anywhere at any time, as you can use the program's installer to launch Xeoma from a portable format, although the best thing is to leave it installed on the computer that's connected to your cameras.

If you want to improve your security system, using Xeoma will help you save money and effort. It's undoubtedly a great application.

The free version restricts you to a limited number of units.

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